The company "TURAN TEX" was founded in 1998 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality knitted fabrics in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The company is equipped with the most advanced technology and has a specialized technical base and personnel, which gives a great advantage to the public and release of quality products at international standards.

Highly qualified staff of the "TURAN TEX" can always offer you a wide variety of models, colors and designs. The factory is equipped with modern machines, equipment and mechanisms that provide a whole range of technological operations in the field of knitted and sewing production.

The competitiveness of our products is ensured by high quality, which is achieved by the full and exact compliance with all norms of technological process, a systematic approach to the issues.

For 19 years, the company "TURAN TEX" focuses on the production of quality and competitive products to ensure maximum convenience for the user and has the following advantages:

- own a production facility with a specialized lab, which provides competitive pricing and the manufacture of knitted fabrics at the orders of the consumer;

- high quality and huge range of products (over 500 items);

- short terms of manufacturing orders (from 3 weeks to export).

On the premises is located shop for knitting, finishing, dyeing and packing pattern on the canvas.

Time is of the order of 3 to 10 days, depending on production capacity and volume of order.

Production technology includes the steps of making fabric from cotton yarn to dyed canvas.

  1. Selection of cotton yarn;
  2. Severe knitting of knitted fabrics: 100% cotton with the addition of 5 % lycra;
  3. Dyeing of fabric;
  4. Fabric treatment with enzyme and silicone;
  5. Vorsivka fabric;
  6. The gasket pattern on the knitted fabric;
  7. Laboratory testing of physico-chemical properties of the canvas.

The main priorities of the company "TURAN TEX":

  • Innovative approach;
  • Technology of introduction and development of new products;
  • The quality of the products;
  • The production efficiency;
  • The trust of customers;
  • The company's policy is aimed primarily at export to the CIS countries and Europe.

Our marketers, designers and technologists are vigilant to changes in the textile industry, studying demand, track trends in sales of quality products and make the maximum contribution in maintaining the high quality of its products.

Thank you for your interest in our company, we hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.


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